Spring Soccer Schedule 2021

                              Little Eagles                                        Junior Eagles:

              Garcia/Mayes – Wildcats                     Godwin – Breeze

           Warren/Taylor – Shamrocks                   Hudson – Rangers

                                                                                              Duke – Tigers

            4/22/21            6:00p    Practice/Uniform pick up/Team pictures   

            4/24/21            9:00a     Wildcats vs Shamrocks 

                                           9:00a       Breeze vs Tigers 

                                          10:00a   Optional practice Rangers  

          4/29                     6:00p      Wildcats vs Shamrocks 

                                          6:00p       Rangers vs Tigers  

        5/1                          9:00a       Wildcats vs Shamrocks 

                                         9:00a       Rangers vs Breeze 

                                         10:00a     Optional practice Tigers  

       5/6                         6:00p        Tigers vs Breeze 

                                       6:00p          Optional Practice Wildcats 

                                       6:00p         Optional Practice Shamrocks  

      5/8                        9:00a            Shamrocks vs Wildcats   

                                      9:00a            Tigers vs Rangers 

                                     10:00a          Optional practice Breeze  


      5/13                   6:00p              Breeze vs Rangers 


     5/15                   9:00a              Shamrocks vs Wildcats 

                                  9:00a              Breeze vs Tigers 


     5/20                  6:00p             Makeup Shamrocks vs Wildcats 

                                   6:00p            Rangers vs Tigers 


      5/22                  9:00a            Makeup date for Rangers and Breeze 

Farmer’s Market
Spring 2021
If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please email
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5561 Plain View Highway
Dunn, NC 28334

Our Mission

The mission of the Plain View Coalition is to support the Plain View community and the Plain View Park and Community Center by promoting outreach, improving access of community youth, adult, and elderly citizens to programming for wellness and recreations and to provide oversight for the Plain View Park and Community Center facilities, functions, and activities.

PVCC History

Plain View School was built in 1927 and included classrooms, a media center, and the auditorium. The cafeteria was added in 1953 and the gym was completed in 1986.

Plain View School served our community until a new school was built in 2001. The school was abandoned and Sampson County Commissioners deeded the old school, gym, and property to the Plain View Community.  Currently, a fundraising campaign is underway to raise money to fund Phase I and II of a master plan for a Northern Sampson Park.  Phase I includes the razing of the old Plain View Elementary School.  Phase II includes the construction of a Memorial Park with donor recognition using brick from the school.  Phase III will involve obtaining funding including grants for construction of a community park.  For more information or to make a donation see the PVCC Sponsor Brochure.

A 501(c)(3) charitable coalition called the Plain View Community Coalition was formed to manage the property and attempt to repurpose the gym, school, and land for community use.

Current Officers

Chairman – David Core
Secretary – Ruth Carr
Treasurer – Jim Schmidlin

Board of Directors:

Term Ending 2021

Kerry Johnson
Ruth Carr

Term Ending 2022

Leasa Hodges
Jim Schmidlin
David Core

Term Ending 2023

Kenny Godwin
Lauren Huskey


Ex-Officio Board Members

District I County Commissioner
Plain View Fire Chief